Silver Cap - Silver Nursing Caps
Silver Cap - Silver Nursing Caps
Silver Cap - Silver Nursing Caps
Silver Cap - Silver Nursing Caps
Silver Cap - Silver Nursing Caps
Silver Cap - Silver Nursing Caps
Silver Cap - Silver Nursing Caps

Silver Cap - Silver Nursing Caps

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Breastfeeding your baby should not be torture time for you. Heal and protect your nipples from sore and cracked skin, and other common breastfeeding complications.

Made from Silver, they are a natural and sustainable solution for moms who want to nurture their baby longer, just put them between the bra and your nipple and they will take care of the rest.


☑️ HEALTHIER, STRONGER BABY - According to many studies, the longer you breastfeed your baby, the healthier and stronger their development will be. With some studies recommending between 6 to 24 months.

☑️ SAVE MONEY - One of the added benefits of longer breastfeeding is all the money you save by not buying baby formula.

☑️ NO NEED FOR MESSY CREAMS OR OINTMENTS - Silver Caps naturally heal and prevent your nipples and breast without the need for chemicals.

☑️ NO IMPACT ON TASTE OR SMELL OF THE BREAST MILK - Compared to most of the common pain relief creams, Silver Cap won’t change the taste or smell of your breast milk.

☑️ ANTIBACTERIAL EFFECT - The surface of the Silver Caps consists of 999 silver, which is completely resistant against germs and bacteria and at the same time, has a calming effect.

☑️ ACCELERATED HEALING PROCESS - In addition to the antibacterial effect, the 999 silver will increase the healing process. Open fissures or infections are healed naturally and faster.

☑️ PREVENT IRRITATION OF THE SKIN - Silver Caps are easy and convenient to wear. Worn just between the bra and the nipple, they prevent the scrubbing of your clothing on the sore nipple.



Our Silver Nursing Caps are made in Italy and shipped from our warehouse in Germany so please allow less than 2 weeks for your order to arrive.

With your purchase completed, we'll process it and send you an email with your tracking code once these silver healers are on their way to mama!

For more info refer to our Frequently Asked Questions Page


Wear your Silver Nursing Caps throughout 10 full days and if you don't see or feel any improvement, just send them back to us and we'll refund you for your purchase.

Let's work together towards healthier and stronger babies by helping moms breastfeed longer. Just use #silverchallenge on Instagram for us to tag your photos and spread the word!

For more info refer to our Refund Policy Page