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Don't Give Up On Breastfeeding

Our unique 99.99% pure silver nipple caps help protect your nipples from infections, soreness, and even bleeding in a natural way.


They saved my life 🙏 I was very very happy! And I recommend every pregnant woman to get them immediately !!!

The MUT's

Great product, I would recommend to any woman. You will notice an immediate improvement when using the caps. Really great product.


The only nursing caps that helped me. I can only recommend.


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Silver Cap - Silver Nursing Caps
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A Natural Solution For A Healthy Breastfeeding

Produced under professional supervision and the highest quality standards in Italy. Silver Cap is the only nursing cup which is a registered medical product and can be applied on open wounds like bleeding nipples.

Thanks to the patented production process, we are able to create a nursing cup from 999 silver and without any nickel or copper, which is especially important for mother with allergies.